May 17

Paper Bag Princesses

Our Integrated Studies theme for Term 2 is Fairy Tales. We have had a lot of fun reading about classic fairy tales and learning about the elements that make up a fairy tale. Last week we read a story called ‘The Paper Bag Princess’ with 1LM. We learnt that this story still had similar elements of a traditional fairy tale, yet it was somehow different. We learnt that these types of fairy tales are called ‘Fractured Fairy Tales.’ It was a lot of fun to read. We really enjoyed making our own Paper Bag Princesses! Don’t they look gorgeous?


May 6

Cooking in the Kitchen

On Friday May 1st we had another session cooking in the kitchen. We made delicious gingerbread men and gingerbread women. In Grade 1 we are learning about Fairy Tales and The Gingerbread Man is one of 1AD’s favourites! We certainly enjoyed eating our gingerbread men just like the fox did in the story.

Thank you to our parent helpers and the 5MD helpers, we really appreciate your help!