February 21

Goodbye 2015

Thank you to 1AD 2015 for an incredible year! I wish you all the very best for Grade 2. It was amazing to see the growth and progression made from all students. I hope everyone had very happy holidays!

– Miss de Jong

November 25

School Production

On November 24th and 25th we had the whole school dance production. 1AD danced to ‘Celebration’ by Kylie Minogue. We had lots of fun learning the dance and enjoyed dancing on stage in front of the school and parents. Thank you to Mrs Gamble, Mrs James, Mrs Gonzales and Amy for all your hard work putting on the production and for teaching our classes the dances during PE. 


November 25

Lucky Jars

on November the 13th the whole school donated Lucky Jars to help the Grade 3’s run their Lucky Jar stall at the school fete. Thank you to everyone for your kind and generous donations, the jars looked incredible!


November 24

Salt Dough Animals

As part of our integrated unit this semester we our studying Australian Animals. We have been learning about different Australian Animals and have chosen our favourites to make out of salt dough. We can’t wait to paint them!


September 18

Book Character Dress Up Day

Last Friday the whole participated in Book Character Dress Up Day. Thank you Mrs Mills for organising the event, 1AD loved dressing up! Thanks to all the students in 1AD for dressing up. It was a fantastic day and was great to see the whole school dressed up too! The Grade 1 teachers had lots of fun dressing up as the ‘Things’ from The Cat in the Hat!


September 18

Grandparent’s Afternoon

It was fantastic to see so many grandparents and loved ones attend our Grandparent’s Afternoon. 1AD loved showing our grandparents and loved ones around the school and had fun showing them some awesome work they have completed in the classroom.